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Related post: Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 xxx pre-teen 12:29:59 -0500 From: Somes Ridge Subject: reunion with cousinsThis happened a few weeks ago at a big family wedding I attended. It was a result of my earlier submissions to Nifty . I haven't included a disclaimer before but this time teens are involved...I had a room in the ukraine pre-teen hotel where most of the wedding party and guest swere staying. I got there on pre-teen naked Thursday, the wedding asian pre-teen movies would be that Saturday. Weddings in our family are usually big affairs and this was no exception. there was a party that night, naked sexy pre-teen boys one Friday and of course the reception after the service on Saturday.So naked girls pre-teen that first night I met up with my 19 year old cousin Jarod, pre-teen schoolgirl it was his sister's wedding, in the lobby when he pre-teen videos was asian pre-teen cunt pre-teen russians just arriving. 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Scott was also always something of a spoiled brat as a little kid and he still has/had a lot of attitude.We talked a little mostly about nude pre-teen strippers nothing but then he started making very strongly suggestive comments about Jared spending pre-teen sexy boys the night here with me. I thought he might be trying to get me and his brother into some kind pre-teen panties of mess, but he went pre-teens baby sexy on to say how it worked ut better for him that way. The more he talked the more he started to hint at something. It wasn't long before he out right said he had pre-teen sex free gotten laided last night pre-teen movies for boys and I knew from his speech this was not cherry busting time for him. He was bragging about how long it took till he was able anime pre-teen girls to "claim this ass" and pre-teen thai porn tiny young pre-teens what a good fuck he had. Interesting word choice I thought, Scott is 16 maybe17 now so porn free pre-teen models his telling me was filled with teen bragging you know what I mean.But then he let it slip...saying something like " nice and tight ass but I knew he was russian pre-teen pictures cherry". I just looked at him. Then he came right out and said he read my stuff too! The ass he fucked last night was that of his friend, the groom's brother! It was pre-teen gallery free about then that Jared underage pre-teen girls nude returned and joined his brother in my room.When nude pre-teen models blog he came in he just put his arm around his brother young pre-teen girls and they looked at me smiling. Jared said "seems we have some things in common cuz". They then wanted me to tell them personally all about me and the guys and yes especially me and Jamie. It turns out they have been fooling around together for about three nude pre-teen models years...all the private school passwords pre-teen experience I imagine (LOL). This was pre-teens modeling beginning to look like it would be a very "special" weekend.........And it was!That night was the groom's party at which Scott had made some strong come-on remarks to me and after the japanese pre-teen models party he came to my room and we ended up sucking each other off and and then he I got to bust boy pre-teen bss his ass cherry. The following night after the reception was best of all. Jared and pre-teen underground sex I had returned to my room to resume what had started the first night and we were soon joined russian pre-teenxxx by Scott and his friend Myles. We had the best four way you could imagine. I fucked three teen asses pre-teen sexy pics that night . Scott and Jared fucked for the first time that night and that was hot as hell to watch. Turns out Scott is a regular slut now pre-teen pornos that he pre-teen swimsuite girls has had Jared's, Myles' and my cock up pre-teen russians bbs his ass. I'm planning to try to see my cousins more often now.Trent
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